Ca’ Pietra Tiles

Ca’ Pietra Platinum Dealer

Aviva Stone are proud to be approved stockists of Ca’ Pietra tiles, and we have a wide range on display at our recently renovated showroom in Hooe.

Ca’ Pietra, celebrating 30 years at the forefront of stone and tile design, provide stunning collections of natural stone tiles sourced from the highest quality and value materials around the world. Whether you are looking for understated, traditional styling or a touch of Italian flair, Ca’ Pietra tiles perfectly suit any interior project and any budget.

Ca’ Pietra only trust a select group of suppliers who share their ethos to stock their products. At Aviva Stone, we stock a range of Ca’ Pietra tiles; including beautiful flooring and wall tiles for every room in your home, from modern to classic styles.  With such a vast choice of materials, types, patterns and colours available, there is a Ca’ Pietra tile ideal for all environments. These durable yet elegant tiles are simple to install and provide longevity, offering excellent value for money.

Types of Ca’ Pietra Tiles

Ca’ Pietra tiles are designed for all purposes within the home, but you can mix and match collections to your heart’s desire. If you want to tile your bathroom wall with Ca’ Pietra kitchen tiles, go for it!  

Ca’ Pietra Floor Tiles

When considering floor tiles, safety, design, and feel are all important aspects to think about, and  Ca’ Pietra triumphs in all these areas. Give your home the ‘wow’ factor by upgrading your floors with tiles from the Ca’ Pietra Statement collection.

Ca’ Pietra Wall Tiles

The tactile feel of a tile is as important as how it looks, especially when considering floor tiles where you might walk barefoot, and Ca’ Pietra extend this consideration to wall tiles too. The natural feeling stone surfaces are ideal for homes with a soothing aesthetic.

Trust Our Expert Service

The ideal bathroom wall tile will be glossy with an even finish, as this won’t absorb water and steam from the room and give you maintenance issues down the line. Your bathroom floor tiles, on the other hand, should give you protection from wet and slippery surfaces.

When it comes to tile selection, you need experts who you can trust to give you the best advice on designing safe, functional and sophisticated rooms. Ca’ Pietra tiles trust us to represent their luxury products, so get in touch today to speak to our friendly, professional team. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our tiles, whether you are enquiring about prices or your intended application; we are here to help.